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Louisville Vegan Jerky (Multiple Flavors)

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

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Non-GMO certified, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and made in small batches, by hand, and with freshly sourced Kentucky ingredients! Louisville Vegan Jerky is made in true artisan quality with inspired flavors, delicious texture and 13 grams of protein per bag!

Available in 3.0 oz bags in these delicious flavors:


  • PETE'S BOURBON SMOKED BLACK PEPPER: Their traditional flavor, Pete's Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper was inspired by the original Louisville Slugger, baseball legend Pete Browning of the 1880’s Louisville Colonels

    • Salty, mild, and robust with just a hint of sweetness
    • Subtly spiced with organic black pepper, nutmeg, garlic, and onion

  • ENID'S SRIRACHA MAPLE: Inspired by the world-famous Louisville sculptor and unstoppable social activist, Enid Yandell, this outrageous flavor is way ahead of its time.
    • The perfect balance between sugar and spice
    • Made with local maple syrup and the most flavorful organic sriracha you’ve ever tasted! 
  • PAULETTE'S MAPLE BACON: Inspired by the lil’ lady that raised three Louisville Vegan Jerky Company staff members, Paulette’s Maple Bacon tastes like a home-cooked breakfast made with nothin’ but love.

    • Meaty and sweetie
    • Made with local Louisville maple syrup

  • TOD'S SMOKED CHIPOTLE: Inspired by Louisville native Tod Browning, director of the original Dracula, Tod’s Smoked Chipotle is as wild as its namesake’s former circus career.

    • Spice, smoky, and a little bit sweet
    • REUBEN'S SMOKEY CAROLINA BBQ: Inspired by Reuben Durrett, an 1800's Kentucky bibliographer who fought hard against circulating libraries that were charging people fee's. He started the Louisville Public Library in 1871, giving all of his books and historical collections to the organization.

      • Authentic Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

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