Philly MAC-Down


Philly MAC-Down is an annual vegan mac & cheese competition in Philadelphia, PA. Since 2016, V Marks the Shop has proudly hosted this event, out of pure love of macaroni...and cheese, vegan, of course! The competition is truly a celebration of community gathering around food in a family friendly environment. All the while, we all get to take in the joy of good food & camaraderie.

The Competition: The contest features up to 12 contestants, a mix of amateur at-home cooks and culinary wizards. There is no status as everyone competing is on the same playing field! The only thing setting them apart is their skill in creating the best vegan mac & cheese in Philly. Each contestant has a shot to win one of FIVE prizes at Philly MAC-Down with top prize being GRAND CHAMPION!

The Event: The event is approximately 2-3 hours. It starts with an introduction from our emcee giving the cue for the competitors to begin sampling their entries. Attendees will have a chance to try 1oz samples from each contestant. Upon trying the entries, attendees will get to vote on the Philly's Choice winner. Our panel of 3 judges will also be sampling and voting on winner's of the other 4 prizes, including GRAND CHAMPION. During sampling, attendees will get to the meet the contestants, participate in the raffle and be a part of the fun!

For 2020, we're proud to host Philly MAC-Down 5: Get Your VEGAN Mac On! on Saturday, April 25, 2020!