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Super Philly Chili Bowl - In the Books

In a room of over 200 folks (competitors, assistants, tasters, judges, volunteers & more), the people of Philadelphia came, saw and ate vegan! It was a cruelty-free Saturday, before the "BIG GAME," with 16 competing dishes of vegan chili full of global and classic delights!!

Competitors competed. Eaters ate. Judges judged. Winners won!

It was a great time to benefit a great organization, Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary! Just by being at The Rotunda, we all did a little something, like raise $1,000.00, to help farm animals have a better chance a life! 


Thanks to all of our competitors, volunteers and sponsors for making this event possible. HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out for the day!

Click here to see who won!

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