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Super Philly Chili Bowl II - Winners & Recap


Vegans of Philadelphia and friends came out & showed up on the day that will forever go down in history as... THE DAY BRADY GOT STRIP SACKED AT THE BIG GAME! (aka THE EAGLES' FIRST SB WIN!)

Taking the place in the early afternoon before the festivities, 10 mighty competitors delivered unto us MIGHTY crocks of chili for us to devour, enjoy and judge as THE BEST VEGAN CHILI IN THE CITY! We had a mix of flavors from the pinch of sweetness to the tinge of heat. All were unique!

Our illustrious panel of 3 judges were set to pick the winners for Grand Champion, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Most Original. What a daunting task, but they were up for the challenge! While their taste buds worked hard, attendees got to be the voice of the city by selecting Philly's Choice.

Dustin Harder, The Vegan Roadie, entertained the crowd throughout the festivities, as raffles were won and songs were sung! Not to mention, we all got the SNEAK PEEK on Season 3 of Dustin's series The Vegan Roadie on YouTube.

Throughout the event, attendees got to enjoy yums from MomPops, hot sauce samples from Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary & sign up for Philly Run Fest with Strong Hearts Vegan Power

Not to mention, this tickets sold helped raise money for Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary!! 25% of all sales are being donated to them to continue their rescue efforts!

So you want to know who won, right? Here we go...!

Grand Champion - #9 - Grace Kelly Herbert
2nd Place - #1 - Oak Troise
3rd Place - #4 - Keith Monahan
Most Original - #10 - Cat Barood
Philly's Choice #10 - Cat Barood



Thanks to all of our competitors, volunteers and sponsors for making this event possible. HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out for the day!

There may be a Super Philly Chili Bowl III in your future. In the meantime, get ready for Philly MAC-Down 3: Return of the MAC on Sunday, April 29, 2018!

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